What next?

We had a great trip out to Baker City, Oregon and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center. I wound up teaching both Saturday and Sunday for 8 people. Some cam from as far away as Idaho and one from Arizona! I borrowed two forges and an anvil from my Friend Chuck. Thanks Chuck! And took two of my own. We set up on the promontory overlooking the beautiful Baker Valley and the Elkhorn Mountains under canvas tarps attached to old wagons and buckboards. Part of the mission, aside from interpreting the Oregon Trail experience, is to cover some of the local history and the settlement of the area as well. Being able to set up the leather bellows and a few hand-cranked forges next to a wagon encampment sets the scene for the old west blacksmith. While we held class visitors from around the world visiting the center, came over to watch and ask questions. One lady from Germany told me her grandfather had a shop back in Germany when she was a little girl and she had participated. I told her that that made her Union and she could join in! One of the volunteers at the Center is creating a living history character based on a blacksmith. I hope to get over there again soon and do some more workshops.