Viking Scram Seax

Seax  is an Old English word for "knife". In modern archaeology, the term seax is used specifically for a type of sword or dagger typical of the Germanic peoples of the Migration period and the Early Middle Ages, especially the Saxons, whose tribal name derives from the weapon.

Each blade is hand forged by myself, at White Hart Forge using high carbon leaf spring steel (5160) and heat treated to a Rockwell Hardness of 62 to 55.

Handles can vary in design, but I stay to a basic pattern you see here.  Choice of woods are: Oak; yew; black walnut. I use brass for the pommel and guard.The over all length of a Seax can range from about 20 inches to 16 inches with a blade length between 9 and 12 inches. The blade thickness is about 1/8th of an inch and the spine about 3/16.

Each Blade comes with a leather sheath held together by hammered brass plates riveted in the style of the Old Norse.The sheath has  loops designed to hang horizontal from the belt.

Also, in the day it was quite common to name one’s seax. You will have the option to have carved near the spine of the blade a name in runes of the elder Futhark. Some were known as “Wolf” , “Leg Biter” or ” Skull Crusher”. Please contact me at the time of purchase to let me know.

PLEASE NOTE: Because these are all hand made one at a time, there will be slight variations in the handle and the blade. The photos used here are of previous works and are intended for descriptive purposes. Your blade and sheath, axe or spear will be similar to these and will be built after the sale.

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