Viking Drinking Horn Stand Table Style

For sale is a wonderful Drinking Horn Stand. This is made out of 1/4 inch square stock about 4 inches tall. Its scrolled feet at the terminal ends (please note the optional Bird's Feet style) allow you to place your horn on a table or any flat surface. It has an artful reverse twist loop at the top that will hold your drinking horn snugly.

Now, how many time have you filled your drinking horn full of mead and had no place to set it down without dumping the contents? Or you want to tell a great bardic story and need both hands!

Or, perhaps, you need a resting place for your horn while at feast or during Blot! Now you can take this stand with you, place it around your horn and set your horn upright! What could be easier?!

Please ask about our quantity sales. You can also have scrolled terminals; pointed; bird's feet or wolf 's paw.
HORN NOT INCLUDED!tabletop2 tabletop3

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