woven torc

Celtic Torc Stainless Steel Braided

woven torc torc2This is a brilliant hand made Torc in Stainless Steel from the fires of White Hart Forge. This piece is hand forged and twisted by the Artist Blacksmith, Daniel Klug. This Torc will fit up to an 18 inch neck or smaller. Large ones can be accommodated upon request. It has been twisted with a woven stainless steel wire for an effect that is amazing and beautiful. We have made this torc out of stainless steel so you needn't worry about rust or discoloration. The stainless make for a very beautiful luster and glow!

It was said by some authors that the torc was an ornament for women until the 4th century B.C.E., when it became an attribute of warriors. But most authors disagree, saying that it was a sign of nobility and high social status: a decoration awarded to warriors for their deeds in battle, as well as a divine attribute, since some depictions of Celtic gods wear one or more torcs. Images of the god Cernunnos wearing one torc around his neck, with torcs hanging from his antlers or held in his hand, have been found. Torcs have also been found in the tombs of Celtic princes.

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