Welcome to our Smithy and our store! Here you will find all hand forged items built by Dan and Heidi the artists blacksmiths of White Hart Forge. We have been running this smithy for over 10 years .

While the majority of our work is large scale ornamental iron work – gates, rails , household items and the like – we also have a number of more personal art pieces that you will find here. From our custom ironwork we also delve into the realm of historical re-enactment from viking era to the fur trade era. We like to build items for those events and of course, take on custom work as well. In addition to historical pieces we also create custom commission work for ceremonial and traditional religious items. Please feel free to contact us about any item you see here or for any custom design you may need.


5.10.12 002
blade 004
Mjolnir with Runes
Lightning, rain and mountains
woven torc
woven torc
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