Below are some of our favorite Places, People and Events:

Lucky Labrador Brewery

We make their beer taps, and they make some of the best beer in the world!


Amazing Viking and dark age jewelry and silverwork.  Please tell them we sent you!

Echoes In Time

Primitive Skills Camp, held annually along the mighty Willamette river. Learn how our ancient ancestors survived and thrived. Hands on primitive skills school where you can learn a variety of ancient skills, from brain tanning a deer hide to flint knapping an arrowhead. You’ll also make some new friends along the way..


Pacific Primitive Redezvous

One of the oldest and biggest Fur Trade era rhondies in the West. We will be there, so look us up!


Clark County Food and Farm
Ready to make the back yard into your local farm? This page will help you plow the back 40! Great connection to other sources of info

Chance and Rois
The blog of our friends Chance and Rois and their adventures with making, farming, cultivating and creating everything!

Oregon Field Guide Watch an episode of Oregon Field Guide where we play at the annual Horse Ridge Rendezvous.


The Artist Blacksmith Association of North America

I Forge Iron

Another great blacksmithing resource.Anvil Fire


The great Torvald at Weyland Smithy

Our friend Grendal

Ron Reil’s web pages on forges and blacksmith goodies