White Hart Forge offers blacksmith classes at smithy, located in Oak Grove Oregon, near Portland.

The lessons are 95% hands on for the student with lots of anvil and hammer time. I start out by teaching how to hammer correctly. We use small projects that the student produces to learn the basic techniques. The student walks away with several projects like hooks; cooking tools; a set of their own tongs; chisel and punch.

The classes are set up for two seven hour classes. As my work schedule has changed all classes must be scheduled in advance.

Our advanced classes are more intensive and more attention is given to the subject. These advanced classes consist of: traditional joinery; coal forge welding techniques; animal heads; curves, spirals, scrolls and organic shapes and one weekend in bladesmithing. We also aid in and instruct in the lay-out of a working and hobby shop; building a working forge; selecting steel and recycling tool steel.

Tuition and Scheduling

Tuition for these classes is $400.00 for two days and covers all the tools and class materials the student will need. There will be ONE DAY class for $200 each, held throughout the summer, so check the schedule below.  All students must be at least 18 years of age. Advanced classes are given to those students who have completed the beginning course or with instructors approval. Class size is limited to insure quality instruction. Space is reserved with the deposit of half the class fee in advance so sign up early, or pay online.

Currently our class schedule will consist of the basic introduction to Blacksmithing techniques and a specialty subject.

SCHEDULING: At this time classes will be held Saturday and Sunday through the winter of 2017/2018. The class schedule  will be :

  1. March 17 and 18 – Intro to Blacksmithing Techniques with tool making for the Smithy.
  2. Also Purchase your class as a BIRTHDAY Gift for you or someone who would love it! Gift Certificates available!!

For students coming from out of the Portland area, there are many excellent B &B’s, hotels or motels  nearby. Please  ask if you have any questions regarding lodging, or good places to visit while you’re here.

Email us at:

or give us a call: 503-353-6695 ( 9am -5pm PST)

I’ve had a lot of great people come through the doors of my Smithy and they have helped teach me just as much about this craft as I impart to them. To teach successfully, one must become a student again. Also, I am indebted to my own teacher who helped me get started and instilled within me a love and respect for the craft. My students can tell you that he shows up on a regular basis during class.
Thank you Geronimo Bayard my mentor and teacher!

To get an idea of what a typical blacksmithing class is like here at White Hart Forge, check out some  of our previous students in action…

“Dear Dan,
I wanted to write you and let you know how much I thoroughly enjoyed my blacksmith class I took with you. You are a truly gifted and patient teacher and artist. I came to you with limited knowledge and skills in metalworking and left your “smithy” with a strong foundation in which I can build my skills upon. I know now that I really am only limited by my imagination and that I can create (with metal) anything I see in my mind. Your class is structured as to allow the beginner to conquer their fears and feel confident enough to pursue blacksmithing as a hobby or even as a career. I can’t wait to return to Oregon and see you and Heidi again and so that I may further my skills with your advanced classes.”

-Candice Stephens, ’09 Alumnus

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Drawing out the blades.
Drawing out the blades.
Some students take to this quickly and have so much fun……
…..That they return again for a second class!!
class 001
EVERYBODY has a good time!

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