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Welcome to White Hart Forge

We are an ornamental ironwork shop and blacksmithing school located near Portland, Oregon, we create custom  high quality, hand forged  ironwork. We offer  items for historical re-enactment, re-enactors, hand forged Viking age Seaxs, knives,  axes ,  spears, fire strikers, Mjolnir;  Thor’s hammer, Celtic torcs, Drinking horn stands, fire braziers, and many other items for your hearth, home or camp. In our blacksmithing classes, we teach basic forge work as well as more advanced skills- all depending on the student’s ability and desire.

Savage Jungle Balcony railing, Designed and Forged by Heidi Shewchuk.

Custom Hand Forged Artistry

We are a busy shop, but are currently taking on new projects, please feel free to contact us: or Phone=503-353-6695

All ironwork on this site was designed and created by White Hart Forge, and hand built from scratch.



Free Form Organic and Playful


Traditional Victorian Elegance

White Hart Forge Shop:

We offer  items for historical re-enactment, and spiritual use.  Hand forged Viking age Seaxs, knives,  axes ,  spears,  fire strikers, Mjolnir;  Thor’s hammer, Celtic torcs, Drinking horn stands, and many other items.

Please be aware that when you place an order with us  you are commissioning  skilled artisans to create an individual work of art for you. Each item from a handrail to a humble firestriker  is built by hand, and forged with care. We do not have these items “sitting around” on a shelf.  We do our best to get each order out in a timely fashion, but there are some items that have many steps in their process of creation. Some things you cannot rush, and we do appreciate you patience!

Blade in the Forge


Dan at the Little Giant, Pounding Out a Seax blade Billet


Blacksmith Classes For 2014:

Due to our insanely busy schedules  We are only able to offer classes by appointment at this time.

Please contact us for more information.


 Tuition and Scheduling for Classes

Tuition for these classes is $400.00 for two days and covers all the tools and class materials the student will need. All students must be at least 18 years of age. Advanced classes are given to those students who have completed the beginning course or with instructors approval. Class size is limited to insure quality instruction. Space is reserved with the deposit of half the class fee in advance so sign up early, or pay online.

So what will you learn?

The basic class is an introduction to the forge; heating steel; the basic techniques; and creating a functional tool from scratch. The classes are 95% hands on for the student with lots of anvil and hammer time.  For a more details about our classes please check out the “Classes” tab  above.

White Hart Forge is owned and operated by Dan Klug and Heidi Shewchuk

While we love sharing our craft with others, we don’t always have time for people to just drop in. We are too busy working hard on projects.  So please give us a heads up if you would like to come by to discuss a project, or want to visit us. or Phone=503-353-6695

Note= We are on Pacific Time, so please check the time before you call us. Thanks!

We love what we do,teaching the ancient craft of blacksmithing and keeping our folk traditions alive.

The Mjolnir Project

The Mjolnir Project

Dan was contacted by a friend who wanted to purchase a Mjolnir, Thor’s hammer, for his son who was being sent  over to Afghanistan.  Dan forged the hammer, and sent it out, refusing payment. It was the least we could do for him! His son carried that hammer all through his service and returned home safe and sound. Dan and I felt strongly that our active duty military men and women should have a little support from us.  Still do. We thought long about it, and decided that maybe other service members  could use a little of Thor’s might to keep them safe while serving their country. So the Mjolnir Project was born.

Our mission is too distribute a Thor’s Hammer amulet to any enlisted person stationed at home or abroad, who needs one, for free. Just send us an email with your APO. Thank You for your service! You can now follow us on Face Book too. Just click here.

The Mjolnir Project

If you appreciate the work we do, but can’t afford to take a class right now,  you might think about supporting us by  Clicking on the  red ” Donate”  button up top of the page.

Your  contribution will help keep the forge fires burning and  the traditional craft of blacksmithing alive.



We were  featured in the Living section of the Oregonian, check out the article here=